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Voicemail messages can be listened to via the web by accessing http://www.wpunj.edu/voicemail. It is recommended to use Internet Explorer if accessing using a computer.

 Please note this service is only available on campus or when connected to VPN Remote Access

Listening to Messages


  • Once logged in, you will see your messages. From this screen you can play, forward and delete messages as needed.


  • Double click the message to open, select play button to play message


Errors In Chrome

Chrome may show an error at the login window asking the user to download and install Flash. Flash is installed on all university computers. However, Flash has to be enabled for certain sites to work.

Avaya Flash Error Message.png

Follow these directions to fix Chrome.

Go to the Chrome Preferences

Avaya Chrome Preferences.png

Click on the Advanced Options (usually at the bottom of the page)

Avaya Chrome Advanced Link.png

Go to Content Settings:

Avaya Chrome Content Settings.png

Locate and click on the Flash settings:

Avaya Chrome Flash Settings.png

Add "voicemail.wpunj.edu" to the Add a Site area:

Avaya Allow Sites URL.png

Close the windows and reload the voicemail website.

Deleting Messages

  • Select the Delete button when the message is open or when the message is selected on the main page

Vm-delete play fwd.JPG