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Standard Practices

1.1 The Basics!

Standard practices are the conventions followed by faculty and the Blackboard support staff in order to guarantee that the semester, in this case, starts smoothly. Adhering standard practices guarantee a common experience: students are added to the courses on the same day. It also helps guarantee clear, commonly understood communication between instructors and Teaching with Technology staff.

  1. Students are added to course shells two days prior to the start of the semester.
  2. Instructors can communicate with students before they are added to shells
  3. Instructors are responsible for activating their course shells; students will not be able to participate in, or even see, course shells until they're activated. The exception are courses taught completely online.
  4. Course shells are identified by the year/semester - department and course number - course section Example: 201740-hist1010-80 Semester designations: Spring: 10 - Summer: 25 - Fall: 40 - Winter: 50

1.2 Transfer course content

Until recently there have been two two means for requesting a transfer, an online form and the Help Desk (HD). Recently these options have been narrowed to the Help Desk alone. The form was a legacy tool we'd used prior to the advent of the Help Desk. After the HD came into being we kept the form until people became accustomed to the Help Desk. Four years on the HD is an established feature of the technology environment at William Paterson and the form has been terminated.

To request a transfer please access the Help Desk and select the request types Blackboard and Course Transfer Request.

Enter the department, semester, the four-digit course number and two digit course section for both the origin and destination courses. Enter special directions in the Request Detail interface.

Do it Yourself Option Use the Control Panel Packages and Utilities tab to save a copy of an existing course and upload it into a new shell: Export, Archive, and Restore Courses

1.3 Merge cross-listed or multi-section course shells

Please use the Help Desk to request course merges. The merge form has been deprecated (see above).

Note: Until very recently solution available to us was the Merge (Combine). The availability of the Master option gives faculty more choices, so please consult this link to decide which solution is best for you.

1.4 Activate course shell

There are two ways to one might activate a course shell. Remember that students will not see course content, or even a link to the course, until it has been activated.

    On the My Blackboard page select Faculty: Set Course Availability in the Tools menu (upper left):
  • New-qwickly1-0813-325.png
  • Click ON to activate a course and OFF to deactivate (at the end of the semester, for example):

  • Q course activate 2 230.jpg

1.5 Communicate with students before they've been added to course shells

Follow these directions: Email students using WPConnect '

1.6 View Student Roster

After students have been added to course shells (see the first unit of the Standard Practices module) start by selecting Users in the Control Panel:

Control Panel => Users and Groups => Users

  • Roster-1-0813-225.png


Beginning of the semester

Do you have questions or need support? Please file a ticket with the Online Help Desk:

Tour Bb environment Global navigation Jump from course to course
Make course available (2nd way) Designate course entry point Easily adjust dates in a copied course
Customize your course page Use student preview Change page language
Set notification options Access Course Roster Hide old course shells


Course Building

Bb Learn instructor guide Getting started Instructor FAQs
Blackboard action link Edit Mode Adding a course banner
Course content Course files Best practices: course content
Edit course menu Create an avatar Add partner content
Upload course file Create a lesson plan Bulk delete course materials



Blackboard provides a number of tools for interacting with students, including discussion boards, journals, blogs and wikis. Do you have questions or need support? Please file a ticket with the Online Help Desk:

Post an Announcement Send an Email
Discussion Board      
Create a Forum Create a Thread Reply to a thread Grading Threads
Search/Collect Posts Create/Edit Settings Moderating Insert an in-line image
Discussion Board Fix 01.17      
A Journal is a tool used for ongoing communication between student & instructor
Create a Journal Create and Edit Entries Comment on an Entry Bb Corp Journal Site
A Blog is a tool used for ongoing communication between student & the class
Create a Blog Create/Edit Entries Comments  
Create a Wiki Add rich content Edit a Wiki Linking Pages
View Page History Grading a Wiki    
Google Docs, Sharing      
Share Google Docs within Bb  
Create, Add students Basics, PDF    
Blackboard Collaborate      
A tool for synchronous video chat, office hours, & lecture capture
Collaborate Support documents, videos and links the IT Wiki
Collaborate Help Desk, provided by Blackboard 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year!


Content Collection

The content collection is one of the most underutilized tools in in the Blackboard suite. In this section learn to transfer content across courses within and between semesters. Why upload ten documents one at a time when you can upload them all in one package and then create links to that content in several courses this semester and throughout course shells semesters to come!

Content Collection Manual Create: Folder Add: Files Link: Files to Multiple Courses
Add: Zipped Files Download a package Email a file  


Grade Center

Grade Center 9.1 Create: Smart View View: Grade Details Customize: Grade Center View
Create: Grade Center Report Grading With Rubrics Create: Grading Rubric Associate: Rubric with an Item
Create: A Grading Rule View: Grade History Download: Grade Center Learn: Needs Grading Page
Create: A Weighted Column



Assignments Create an Assignment Inline Assignment Grading Best Practices
Tests, Surveys, Pools Tests: Import/Deploy/Options Test Options (video) Test Availability Exceptions
Working with Pools Surveys: Create, Deploy, Review Export: Test or Survey Clear Test Attempt
Instructors guide / Turn-it-in Tii Instructors manual Use: The Negative Points Tool Clearing Assessments
Survey Results Working with Grade Data Multiple Assignment Submissions  


Course Reports & Retention Center

This tool provides an easy way for you to discover which students in your course are at risk.

Retention Center, PDF Quick Hit video: 1:43 min. On Demand video: 4:30 min. Retention Center in Action
Reports: Course Reports Observe Student Activity Discern Usage of Course Tools
  Detailed Course Reports Evaluation Module  



Introduction: Access Portfolio About Portfolios Create Portfolio Portfolio Artifacts
Share Portfolio


End of the Semester

Export course Archive a course (machine readable) Restore/Import Archive/Export/Restore [Doc]


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