Outlook 2016 Common Problems

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Import of Outlook 2011 Profile Fails

If the outlook profile fails to import at first launch check the following:

1) Make sure Outlook 2011 is not running. Outlook will run even if the main window is open. Make sure to actually quit the program.

2) Go to the Users and Groups pane in System Preferences. Click on the affected user. Go to "Login items" Locate Outlook Database Daemon". If it exists remove it from the items by selecting it and clicking on the "-" button.

3) Make sure Outlook 2011 is not a startup item.

4) To be safe, have the user logout. Make sure that "Reopen windows when logging in" is UNCHECKED. Have the user log back in.

5) Open Outlook 2016. Go to the "tools" menu. Select 'Accounts". Remove the user account. This may be lengthy depending on how much data the user has.

6) Go to ~/Library/Group Containers/UBF8T346G9.Office/Outlook/

7) Delete the "Outlook 15 Profiles" folder. Make sure to empty the trash.

8) Start Outlook 2016.

9) From the File menu select "Import".

10) Select "Outlook 2011 data on this computer:" It should find the Outlook 2011 data. Pick the most recent Identity (should be "Main Identity").

11) You may be warned that there are applications that need to be quit. These are typically the Database Daemon. HOWEVER if you see something like "SyncAgent" in the list proceed to the next step. If not you can skip to step (21).

12) We need to quit the sync agent. Go to the "Utilities" folder (/Applications/Utilities/). 13) Open "Activity Monitor".

14) Type the name of the "sync" application from the Outlook 2016 Prompt into the search box. If it is running (it will be) it will show up.

15) Click on the "X" (quit process) button.

16) A window appears that says "Are you sure you want to quit this process?". Do not do anything else yet.

17) Arrange the windows so that you can see the Outlook 2016 "quit these applications" window and the Activity Monitor window.

18) Click "Force quit" in the Activity Monitor window.

19) click on the "quit applications" in the Outlook import window.

20) The import should proceed. If it doesn't, cycle through steps 17 and 18 until it does.

21) When the import is done check that there aren't any messages about missed, missing or failed items.

Frequently seen issues

1) I forgot my Password.

Please Proceed to Self-Serve Password reset on WP-Connect


2) When I sign in Office 365 by non WPU account opens up.

Sign Out of the account and close all browser tabs then proceed to resign in to Office 365

3)Won't load initial profile.

Restart computer. If you are at home, connect to the VPN, then open Outlook again.

4)I Put in my username and Password, but it won’t let me log in.

Check to make sure you received a DUO Prompt

5)I receive an unable to sign in error.

Please clear cache and browser history

6)I am a Alumni and I cant sign in to my account.

Unfortunately, you account may have been deleted

7)I am in outlook but can’t sign in

Please use https://outlook.office.com/ to sign in

8)I am not receiving emails from certain group/People

Please check your Spam/Junk folder

9)I want to create a group for my organization

Please submit a helpdesk ticket

10)Outlook keeps freezing

Reboot computer

11) I can’t log in it keeps saying loading profile.

Clear you cache on you browser.

12) I am using Safari and I can’t sign in

Sign in using Google Chrome

13) I am using desktop version and I can’t reply, send or forward emails.

Please click the arrow in the top right corner

Outlook 2016 "Not Connected"

On occasion imported 2011 profiles will fail to connect (or stay connected) to the Exchange Server. As of this writing there is no way to modify the existing account to fix the issue so...

1) Note ANY shared accounts (Calendar, Mailboxes, etc.). These will need to be reset when the account is recreated.

2) Go to the "tools" menu and select "Accounts".

3) Locate the account and delete it. This may take a while depending on the amount of data the user has.

4) Quit Outlook 2016.

5) Start Outlook 2016.

6) Go the Tools menu and select "Accounts".

7) Add a new account by pressing the "+" button.

8) enter the requested items. Domain is "WPC".

9) Make sure to change the account name from the default "wpunj".

8) If the person has been delegated calendars reconnect those. Directions are in Outlook 2011/2016 Delegates.