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Use this link to contact the IT Help Desk


Start of the semester

Spring 2013 Faculty Memo Transfer: Course Content Request: Merge Course Shells Export/Archive Courses
Activate: Course Shells Generate: the Course Roster Change: Course Entry Point Email: Students Before Start of Semester
Change: Language Pack Import a course package Hide course shells Move the ad module


Blackboard: Getting Started

Introducing Bb 9.1 Your Course Environment Using the Course Shell Interface Tour
Blackboard Action Link! Faculty Handbook The New 2012 Theme Course-to-course Navigation
Bb On Demand Learning Building your Course Communication/Collaboration Assessing Learners


Building your Course Shell

Learn: Course Content Upload: File or Files Add: a Course Banner Use: the Text Editor
Edit: The Course Home Page Create: A Learning Module Create: A Lesson Plan Create: A Tool Link


Content Collection

Content Collection Manual Create: Folder Add: Files Link: Files to Multiple Courses
Add: Zipped Files Download a package Email a file  


Discussion Board

Create a Forum Grading a Forum Create a Thread Grading a Thread
Replying to a Thread Searching and Collecting Posts Tagging Posts Changing Forum Settings


Grade Center

Learn: Grade Center Create: Smart View View: Grade Details Customize: Grade Center View
Create: Grade Center Report Grading With Rubrics Create: Grading Rubric Associate: Rubric with an Item
Create: A Grading Rule View: Grade History Download: Grade Center Learn: Needs Grading Page



Learn: Creating a Test Create: A Test Set: Test Options Learn: Automatic Regrading
Upload: From MS Excel Export: Test or Survey Use: The Negative Points Tool Read: Survey Results
Learn: Posting an Assignment Download: Assignments Delete: Old Assignment Files Use: Performance Dashboard
Instructors guide to the Turn-it-in (Tii) anti-plagiarism tool Tii Instructors manual (corporate)


End of the Semester

Export course Archive a course (machine readable)    


Frequently Asked Questions




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