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Pharos Uniprint has been implemented on multiple Xerox devices across campus. This allows users to upload documents to be released at Xerox print release stations by tapping their card at the card scanner or by inputting their user credentials at the machine. Current Uniprint stations include:

  • English Department -Preakness Hall
  • Adjunct Office - Preakness Hall
  • Computer Science - Science East
  • Res Life - High Mountain West, Overlook North, White Hall, Hillside Hall, Pioneer Hall, Century Hall
  • Department of Languages and Cultures – Atrium
  • Nursing – University Hall
  • Information Technology – College Hall, Library


Does this effect how many prints I am allowed?

  • No, your prints will not be altered by this change.

Will the name of the printer change?

  • You will now use the print queue \\Pharosps\XeroxUniprint
    • Mac clients will need to add the printer queue via the “Xerox Uniprint” install in Managed Software Center. This printer is not a “pre-installed” printer on any Mac because the Xerox Uniprint program is not in use .

How will students working for the department be able to print?

  • Students that need to use this printer will be added to the department's cost center. Make sure that when the student worker leaves the department that you notify IT so the student can be removed from the cost center.

How do I make copies or scan?

  • Once you've logged into the machine either via tapping your ID card or logging in with your username and password, exiting out of the screen that displays your documents will take you to the regular Xerox home screen and you will see the usual functions such as copy, email, fax, etc.