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For the full technical documentation please click here:File:WPU BackUpToCloud User Documentation.pdf

WPU BackUp To Cloud


WPU Backup To Cloud (BUTC) creates an “invisible” backup of your data into a OneDrive folder. This folder is not meant to be modified by the end user either on the machine OR via web clients. You will see this folder if you look on the web or browse sync errors posted by the OneDrive client.

The backup file is available in any Mac user's OneDrive account in this OneDrive folder: abc-1234567(username).backup This folder contains hardlinks* to user files in: Documents, Downloads, Desktop, Movies, Music. Photos -- So long as the scripts have access to the items*.

Menu Items and Notifications

BUTC Status Menu

You will note cloud icon with a “WP” logo in it. This is the BUTC status menu. Will show the following statuses:

  1. Idle. The backup script is not currently running (though Dropbox or OneDrive may be busy).
  2. RED -- An error status that indicates that the Backup has been paused or stopped. Any item created is not being backedup.
  3. YELLOW -- Directory traversal or name error. The backup script could not access certain folders or there

are folders with a space at the beginning or end of the name. Such folders cannot be backed up.

Menu Items

WPU BackUp To Cloud Menu Items and Notifications cont. Clicking on the icon will show more details about the backup process: Clicking on the icon will show more details about the backup process:

  1. Backup process status
  2. Backup Path
  3. Enable or disable file name checking.
  4. Enable or disable the Watchdog function.
  5. Last time the backup script ran
  6. Help: Opens this documentation in a browser window.
  7. Directory traversal errors (if any).
  8. Any files marked as locked by the OS and cannot be backed up.
  9. Pause Backup Process menu item to pause backup process. This will stop the hourly script from running. This can be used while working on a user machine. When selected the menu item will change to “Resume Backup Process”
  10. BackupNow menu item. Selecting this will run the backup script. This will trigger a notification center style notification to the user to wait until Dropbox or OneDrive to finish it’s process (which may be lengthy).

Issues with Backup to Cloud

Users have reported excessive fans running or computers slowing when Backup to Cloud is trying to complete a backup. That may happen -- make sure that your computer is plugged into power while a backup is running.

Here's why you're getting the issues regarding Mac filenames that include special characters like ( ! ~ : / and other filenames. We backup our mac computers through OneDrive. Since OneDrive is a Microsoft product, you can't use any special characters in the filenames. MacOS allows special characters, Windows OS does not.

You have two options: leave the backup running, but go through your files and delete any special characters and change them to other characters. You can use the File List and Watchdog popups in the WP Cloud icon on your top bar to show you all the files with issues.

Turning off Backup to Cloud

Users can turn off the backup. In the event that your computer crashes and your harddrive dies, IT will not have a backup of your computer and you'll be responsible for your own data. Here's how to disable the backup system:

  1. Connect to VPN via Cisco VPN
  2. Run all updates available in Managed Software Center, reboot as necessary.
  3. Log back into computer and connect to VPN again.
  4. Click the little Cloud Icon on the top of your screen. It's a WP Icon with a cloud around it.
  5. Click Pause Backup Process, and also click Disable File Checks and Disable Watchdog.