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Broadcast and Production Services (BPS) assists in the creative development, production, and delivery of audio and video recordings for academic and social media uses. BPS is a unit within Instruction and Research Technology


Note: The following locations are better equipped for video recording. We encourage you to book these spaces when planning your event to improve the quality of the recording but it is not required.
Hobart Hall: Martini TV Studio (122A) - Fully Equipped - Capacity 96 Cheng Library Auditorium - Partially Equipped - Capacity 107 Shea: Recital Hall 101 - Fully Equipped -Capacity 80 Shea: Auditorium - Partially Equipped -Capacity 922
  1. BEFORE SUBMITTING A VIDEO REQUEST first reserve your space in 25Live
    Be sure to leave an extra 90 minutes before your event and 60 minutes after your event to allow time for our team to set up and break down the needed recording equipment.
  2. Follow this link to complete an Event Video Request .
    We ask that form be submitted at least 14 days prior to daytime events (M-F 9:00-5:00) and 30 days prior to evening and weekend events to assist us in scheduling. Please note that due to staffing limitations our ability to cover night and weekend events is limited. (updated Jan 2020)
    Please gather the following information before visiting the form link: [TIP: You may find it useful to compile this information in a separate word processing document, then copy/paste that information when completing our form]
    1. Event Title (must be unique)
    2. Date and Start Time:
    3. End Time
    4. Location
    5. Basic technical requirements - For example: How many speakers would need microphones? Is there a presentation? Are there other special circumstances we should be aware of?
    6. The names and formal titles of all those appearing in order of appearance (proofread)
    7. A detailed paragraph synopsis of your event
    8. The email address of your Departmental Project Coordinator. (Who will we coordinate details with?)
    9. The email of the Department Chair
    10. The email of the Department Web Administrator
    11. You will need to attest to having secured department approval for recording and posting of the video to departmental pages
    12. The URL of any social media or web pages where the video will be posted

  3. After submission you will receive an email with a Project Number, Share Folder link, and a form letter with directions for completing the Talent eRelease Form.
    Please email the form letter portion to any non-university individuals who will be speaking/performing at the event.
    We ask that Talent eRelease Forms be completed at least 7 days prior to the event.
    Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your request due to staffing limitations.

  4. Upload any promotional materials for the event to your project’s unique share folder as they become available: PowerPoint presentation files, programs, flyers, photos, biographies, descriptions, etc. We will make use of these to improve the quality of your video.

A friendly reminder that we are not able to mobilize our production team without first securing a properly completed Event Video Request and Talent eRelease Formfor everyone appearing in the video. We will confirm your production will be video recorded in a separate email after securing releases. Thank you.

If you require additional information please contact Greg Mattison 973-720-3711 email form

IRT offers additional services through the Media Services division