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Department Roku Devices for Philo Usage

For faculty/staff only

Roku has recently changed how to set up and link a Roku Device to a Roku account, now requiring an email to get the code. Since it now requires an email, we have decided it is better for each department to create their own Roku accounts. An added benefit of this is the department’s ability to control what other applications to put on the Roku other than Philo.

Setting up a Department Roku

Please follow the steps below to set up a Roku account and add the Philo channel:

If there is an account already set up, please go to the next section

Important: Please make sure that you are registering the Roku to an email account that the department will maintain access to and make sure that a) the Roku login credentials are maintained by the departments safely as not to get lost and b) that they need to make sure they transfer Roku ownership if they end up using individual’s WP email addresses (which we’d really recommend they use a shared/department email where possible to maintain shared access to the address that’s associated with the Roku account.)

  1. Go to Roku's website and create an account (It may ask for a payment method, but you can skip that).
  2. After the Roku account has been created, make sure you are logged in and go to this page to add Philo to the account.

Now every time a Roku is set up under this account, it should automatically download Philo and any other apps you chose to install.

Linking a Roku device to the Roku account

  1. Enter the email address that was used to set up the Roku account.
  2. Check the email and click the link to add the Roku Device to the account, log into the account if you need to.
  3. Follow the steps to complete the setup of the device (It may ask for a payment method, but you can skip that). It will ask you to name the Roku and we recommend that you select custom and name it in a way that you will remember. As only 20 Rokus devices can be added to one Roku account, you will want to remove old Rokus that break or are no longer used.
  4. The Roku should show that it’s installing the apps and Philo should be one of them.
  5. After completing the instructions above run Philo. If it shows a code and you will have to contact us to link the Philo channels to that specific Roku device, otherwise you’re all set!