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Student Blackboard Bulletin

Helpful beginning-of-the-semester notes

  1. Students are added to course shells two days before the semester begins.

  2. Students will only see courses that have been activated by the instructor.

  3. Not all instructors use Bb and you are not likely to see all your courses.

  4. If you are a continuing student you are likely to see your courses from the previous semester.
    • See the Getting Started module below to learn how to hide old course shells.
    • Instructors can deactivate a course when it is over, and you will not see deactivated courses.

  5. All members of the university community should use the Chrome web browser with Blackboard:
    Download Chrome

  6. Please refer questions regarding course content (where is the test?) to your instructor, but questions involving use of Blackboard (how do I reply to a discussion board post?) should be directed to the Online Help Desk:

All questions are welcome -- don't be shy!


Getting Started

Look up your email address & 855# Log in and find your courses Bb Corp. Student Support
Why don't I see all my courses? How to hide old course shells Working with the content editor
Global navigation Jump from one course to another  


Setting Preferences

Change the system language Change your password Change your avatar
Set your notification options Set your privacy options Manage your profile


Bb Ally: Accessibility

Video: Ally for Students Quick start Alternative formats
Student FAQs Accessible Content Best Practices  



Assignnments overview Submit an assignment Exams: Do's & Don'ts
How to take a test online Test-taking strategies Check course grades
Check assignment grades Using portfolios Creating and sharing portfolios
Portfolios: using artifacts Using SafeAssign



Send an email Using the discussion board Discussions: Insert an inline image
Working with blogs Working with journals Working with wikis
Working in groups    


Mobile App

Quick Start/Download Feature Guide Course Content
Course List Discussions Web Conferencing
Assessments Student Profile Push Notifications


Collaborate Web Conferencing

Participant Guide      
The Basics! Join a session Add a profile picture Find my way around
Use the tools Use audio and video Use Chat Best Practices
Browser support Participant FAQs Troubleshooting Report a problem



All technology-related questions, problems and reports should be addressed to the IT Help Desk:


































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