Xerox Accounting

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Some Xerox printers require an accounting code in order to be used.

The following instructions can be used to set up Xerox Accounting, if it is enabled on the printer you are attempting to print to.

For PC

  1. Go to Devices & Printers
  2. Double click the printer that utilizes accounting
  3. Click "See what's printing"
  4. Click Printer
  5. Click Properties
  6. Go to the Configuration Tab
  7. Choose Accounting
  8. In the Accounting Window, use the following settings:
    Xerox Accounting SS.png
  9. The user will then be prompted to enter their User ID # and printing will continue normally

For Mac OS X

If you are using a Xerox printer with accounting turned on you will need to do the following:

1) When you print to it make sure to go to the "details" view for the print dialog.

Xerox Accounting 1.png

2) Click on the menu shown to get to "Xerox Features"

Xerox Accounting 2.png

3) Click on "Advanced".

Xerox Accounting 3.png

4) Click on the "Accounting" button.

Xerox Accounting 4.png

5) Choose Standard Xerox Accounting

Xerox Accounting 5.png

6) Make sure Masking is turned on for User ID and Account ID. Click the OK button.

Xerox Accounting 6.png

7) When you are returned to the original printing dialog select the Presets so that we can save the changes to a default to apply every time you print to that printer.

Xerox Accounting 7.png

8) Name the preset anything you like. Here I chose to use the name "Accounting".

9) Click OK to save the preset. Now when you print to that printer you will be prompted for your Xerox accounting information.