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[[File:Good ISE Connection.png]]
[[File:Good ISE Connection.png]]

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With the new authentication method used to connect to WP Wireless and some changes in Mac OS 10.10.x, occasionally a computer will fail to reconnect to wireless after sleeping or being off campus.

Wi-fi not connecting.png

Symptoms typically include the wifi icon repeatedly trying to connect or sometimes an exclamation point. To remedy this problem do the following:

1) Open System Preferences

System preferences.png

2) Select the "Network" pane.

Network pane.png

3) Select Wi-Fi (make sure to select WP Wireless (5Ghz) ).

Select wifi.png

4) Click "Connect" next to the 801.1X text.

Click connect.png

5) Enter your credentials if/when asked.

Enter university credentials.png

After a bit of background processing you should be connected and the wi-fi icon should change to the connected state.


A good working connection will look like the below. Note the "disconnect" button, the "Authenticated via" line as well as the timer:

Good ISE Connection.png