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William Paterson University provides wireless access into its computing resources utilizing Cisco Aironet wireless equipment. This equipment support all wireless access radios (A,B,G,N) and it utilizes Cisco Clean Access authentication to secure all access.

University Machines

University Machines do not need to be configured, as they get their settings from the network. If a University Laptop won't connect to the wireless network, it needs to be plugged into an office wired network port and restarted.

Personal Devices (BYOD)

Click on Getting Started and select your operating system to connect to the WP Wireless Network


Certificate Changes

Generally speaking, Macs and PCs that are a part of the campus domain and that were not operated on campus in the days prior to Friday 1/10/2014 will not be able to connect to any wireless networks such as WP Wireless.

  • Windows Domain computers need to be rebooted while plugged into an Employee Wired network segment in order to pick up the new GPO Policy
  • Windows XP Machines must change the name of the ISE Certificate, as per step 14 of the following instructions: Windows XP
  • MAC Laptop needs to run a manual software update from a wired faculty segment as per Wiki Instructions: Mac OS Managed Installs

Steps to update wireless certificate on UNV laptop (laptop will not join wireless)

  1. Plug an Ethernet cable into the laptop's Ethernet jack.
  2. Restart laptop (it may or may not pick up an IP in the BIOS)
  3. Wait about a minute on the Ctrl+Alt+Delete (login) screen
  4. Unplug the Ethernet cable from the laptop
  5. Have user login
  6. Check network status in the task bar to make sure it is connected to WP Wireless or WP Wireless 5Ghz
  7. Verify that internet is working by visiting a website like cnn.com.