Windows 8/8.1

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  1. From Desktop:

    Click wireless icon in taskbar on the lower right hand side of the screen Windows 8 Wireless Icon.PNG

  2. From Metro Desktop:
    1. Open charm menu by pointing cursor to the top right corner of the screen, or swipe from the right of the screen if using a touch screen device, and click on settings.
      Windows 8 METRO UI.PNG
    2. Click the wireless icon on the right
      Windows 8 METRO WIRELESS.PNG
  3. Select WP Wireless from the network list Windows 8 SSID LIST.PNG
  4. Click Connect Windows 8 SSID SELECT.PNG
  5. You will then be prompted for a User name and Password. Enter in your WP Connect User name and Password. (Same password as your Email/Blackboard) Windows 8 CREDENTIAL PROMPT.PNG
  6. You will then be asked to continue connecting. Click Connect. Windows 8 CERTIFICATE PROMPT.PNG
  7. After a successful connection you will see Connected under WP Wireless. Windows 8 SUCCESSFUL CONNECTION.PNG

Please contact Help Desk Request if you are unable to connect.