Windows 10 Features

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New Features in Windows 10

Start Menu

Microsoft designed a new start menu in Windows 10 that has an "App" style appearance. While the Start Menu has changed, users can still Pin Apps and Programs much like they could in Windows 7. The view looks very similar to the Windows 8 App view, and can be viewed in full screen mode.

See how the Start Menu has changed.


Cortana is Microsoft's personal assistant (Much like Siri for Apple devices). Cortana will help you search your machine for a file or program, get you the weather report, update your calendar, or give you traffic updates.

"Cortana is your clever new personal assistant." More information about Cortana on Microsoft's Windows 10 page

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is Microsoft's new browser. Edge is a replacement for the former default browser, Internet Explorer.  Microsoft Edge allows users to annotate, highlight, draw and share pages.   Ask Cortana, has been integrated into Microsoft Edge for added guidance when you want more information!

Please note you will still need to use Microsoft Internet Explorer to use Banner INB. Go to the Start Menu, and type Internet Explorer, Select to launch Internet Explorer for use with Banner.

Learn more about Microsoft Edge

More Information about Windows 10

For a complete list of new features in Windows 10, see Microsoft's official Windows 10 features page.