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What is Webex?

Webex is Cisco’s video conferencing platform. It allows individuals to make, receive, and schedule video calls and conferences from any device. Webex meetings are highly immersive, providing HD video, wireless content sharing and much more. Webex Meetings can have up to 25 participants and Webex Events can have up to 300. Webex meeting would be more collaborative whereas Webex events are more ideal for presentations and a larger audience.

Using the Full Application

The full application is available through the Software Center on University imaged machines. For personal machines, go to https://www.webex.com/downloads.html to install full application. Please note it is useful to have the full application installed but not required. It is best to schedule meetings through the web version.

Using the Web Version

From your web browser, Webex is available at www.wpunj.edu/webex.

  1. Click Sign in
  2. Enter your full WPU email address
  3. Sign in again with WPU login and Duo authentication.

Scheduling a Meeting from the Web

  1. Click "Schedule."
  2. Fill required sections.

Starting a Meeting from the Web

  1. Click "Start a Meeting" and follow prompt to install webex.exe.
  2. Click "Start Meeting" when you are ready.
  3. Once you start the meeting, others will be able to join.
  4. If you click "Participant" at the top, you can edit settings for participants.
  5. In the middle of the window, you can turn your mic or camera on/off, share your screen, view participants, and more.

Starting a meeting from Outlook

  1. Once a meeting is scheduled, it will appear on your Outlook calendar.
  2. You can start the meeting from the calendar event.

Webex Event

Webex Events work well for larger audiences where most participants are there to see a presentation. https://help.webex.com/en-us/ngd4k6q/Get-Started-with-Cisco-Webex-Events

  1. Log into wpunj.edu/webex
  2. Find "Webex Events" towards the bottom of the page.
  3. Click "Schedule an Event." Note that whoever is hosting the event should schedule the event.
  4. Fill out all required sections.
  5. Under "Attendees & Registration" click "Create an invitation list" to invite attendees. This group would be the audience.
  6. Under Presenters & Presentations, click "Create invitation list" for Presenters and Panelists.
  7. Once everything is correct, click "Schedule This Event."
  8. Send email invitations and they will now show up in Outlook Calendars.