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Access WPConnect at https://www.wpunj.edu/wpconnect
Access WPConnect at https://www.wpunj.edu/wpconnect
{{#ev:youtubehd|v0PFrF6gACs|850|left|A quick video tour of the WPConnect}}
{{#ev:youtube|v0PFrF6gACs|850|left|A quick video tour of the WPConnect}}

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Access WPConnect at https://www.wpunj.edu/wpconnect

A quick video tour of the WPConnect

Find your Self-Service Banner PIN

  1. Users can now see their Self-Service Banner PIN in WPConnect by going to My Profile (in the drop-down menu next to their name).
  2. By default the PIN is hidden, select the Show button to display the Self-Service Banner PIN.
  3. To hide the PIN after reviewing, select the Hide button.

How to disable the flower animation on WPConnect

  1. Login into WPconnect

  2. Click the small drop down menu on the top right corner

  3. Click “My Profile” on the drop down menu
    WPConnect flower2.png

  4. On the bottom left, click the drop-down menu under the “Display Portal Animations” tab and select “No”
    WPConnect flower3.png