WPU Mac OS Default Desktop

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This is the default desktop for the Mac OS environment. Note the default WPU application shortcuts in the Dock:

Safari, FireFox, Google Chrome, Outlook, Word, Powerpoint,Excel, System Preferences.

The Groups folder ("K-Drive" as referenced on Windows) and the User Folders ("U-Drive" as referenced in Windows) may be found in the "WPU-Folders" drive.

There is a shortcut to the user's network home folder in the Dock. If you place the mouse over the icon it will show the name of the folder.

Please note that if the WPU-Folders" drive is missing and/or the Dock user folder shortcut is missing (shows a question mark) that means that there was a problem connecting to the network drive at login.


1) Log out and log back in.


1) click on the "Go" menu and select "Connect to Server" 2) In the "Server Address" field type: smb://unv/wpu-folders/ 3) Click the "Connect" button. You may be asked for your university credentials.