VirtualBox Campus Image Creator

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This Install, available in Managed Software Center will install VirtualBox and create a Guest ready for an install of an official WPUNJ Campus Image windows installation.


VMCIC install Item.png

Select the Campus Image Install item.

VMCIC-Preinstall warning.png

Pre-install directions.

VMCIC Items to install.png

This will install VirtualBox. The Extension Pack is no longer installed due to licensing issues.

VMCIC Select Home Folder For Install.png

Select the home folder of the user to have the image installed.

DO NOT drill down into the user folder and select a sub folder!

VMCIC Info For Ticket.png

If the install is successful you will be presented with this dialog. If any information is missing, then there was a failure. Copy this information to a Helpdesk ticket.

The information presented in this dialog is present in /Users/*username/Documents/VMCampusImageRequestInfo.txt

VMCIC VB Ready For Imaging.png

When you open VirtualBox (/Applications/ you will see a Campus Image guest with all the settings needed for imaging.