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Upgrading from Outlook 2011

If a user is upgrading from Outlook 2011 then on the first launch of Outlook 2016 use the 'Import" button.

Outlook 2016 Import Prompt.png

Outlook will import your mail and settings. The time for this depends on how much mail you have and the speed of your machine.

Outlook 2016 Importing.png

Once the import process is done Outlook will open it's main window and is ready for use.

Setting up a new client

New account setup is the same as it was in Outlook 2011.

From the Tools menu select "Accounts" and enter the user information requested as seen in the example below

Outlook first run 7.png

Once the account is created please make sure to change "wpunj" to the name of the user account.

Outlook first run 8.png