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SPSS Statistics is a software package used for statistical analysis.

SPSS for Home Use

SPSS for Home Use is available to faculty/staff members.

SPSS for Home Use Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Home Use Files from (PLACEHOLDER HERE)
  2. Copy the files onto your computer
  3. Close all applications. This installation requires a restart.
  4. Right click setup.exe > Run as administrator
  5. Click Next
  6. At the Welcome screen, click "Authorized user license"
  7. Accept the EULA, click Next
  8. Fill in your user name; Organization "WPUNJ"
  9. Choose additional Help languages, Click Next
  10. Choose "No" if you do not use JAWS, click Next
  11. Choose "Yes" to install Essentials for Python, click Next
  12. Accept the license and click Next
  13. Accept the international program license and click Next
  14. Keep the default installation folder and click Next
  15. Click Install
  16. Wait
  17. Click OK to start the license authorization process
  18. Select "License my product now" and click Next
  19. Enter the authorization code you received from WPUNJ IT
  20. After authorization succeeds, click Next
  21. Click Finish
  22. Click Yes to restart your computer