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Setting Up RDP

Faculty and staff must first contact the helpdesk before they can get access to their office Windows PC.

User Prerequisites

1) User should have the Microsoft Remote Desktop Application installed on their home computer. For Mac users the software can be downloaded from the Mac App Store.

RDP MacApplication.png

User must be connected to the university network via the Universal Anyconnect VPN installation

Once you've connected to the university network via the VPN. start the Remote Desktop Application

RDP Application Folder.png

Once the application is running put the name of the computer in the "computer" window and then click connect.

RDP Window.png

  • Note the form of the computer name. you MUST have the "" in the name or the connection will not work.
  • Note you must be connected via the Cisco VPN Client (available for download at WPConnect). The web browser VPN will NOT work.
  • You username should be typed as,