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Qualtrics is a generalized survey service permitting the creation and distribution of surveys, as well as data storage and analysis. Use of the service is free to all William Paterson University faculty, staff, and students.

How to Access

Log into WP Connect

  1. Locate the Apps icon next to your name (top, right corner)
  2. Click on the Qualtrics app (4 Circles)
  3. Next log into Qualtrics using your WPU username and password and click create an account.

How to Create a Project

  • Click on Create Project
  • New Project
  • Name your project
  • Click Create project
  • Build a descriptive text question to describe your survey to respondents.
  • Insert a page break after your descriptive text
  • Building to build survey Select a question type for your first question and create your question
    • Question types can range from multiple choice, text entry, rank order, matrix table, slider and side by side.
  • Continue to add page break and questions as you feel fit.
  • At any time click on preview survey to get a look and feel of your project
  • Click here for a Qualtrics survey module overview

Distributing your survey

Anonymous Link

  • This option allows you to collect information anonymously. Information about the respondent will not be available unless you specifcially ask for it in your survey


  • This option allows you create a specific list of contacts who you would like to send your survey out using Qualtrics Mailer. This will record the indentifying information that you already set up in your contact list.

For additional information on distribution methods.

Data and Analysis

To analyze invidual participation responses click on Data & Analysis on the menu tab. You are now able to view all completed and in-progress responses. For additonal information on data and analysis.


For additional support please contact https://www.qualtrics.com/support/ If you have any questions please submit a web help ticket and select qualtrics as your request type.