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===To start the Problem Steps Recorder===
===To start the Problem Steps Recorder===
*Search for "PSR" or "record"
*Search for "PSR" or "record"
*Select "psr.exe" or "Record Steps to reproduce a problem"
*Select "psr.exe" or "Problem Steps Recorder"
===To record a problem===
===To record a problem===

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Screenshot of the Problem Steps Recorder

The Problem Steps Recorder is a tool provided by Microsoft which allows a user to record steps taken in order to reproduce an issue. The tool takes screenshots of the entire desktop and records mouse clicks. This recording can then be saved and sent to support personnel.

To start the Problem Steps Recorder

  • Search for "PSR" or "record"
  • Select "psr.exe" or "Problem Steps Recorder"

To record a problem

  • Click Start Record
  • Reproduce the issue you are having
    • Click Add comment to any of the steps if necessary
    • Problem Steps recorder does not capture any text you have written. If that is vital to the issue, you can leave a comment
    • Pause/resume the recording at any time
  • Click Stop Record
  • The program will prompt you to save the file. Save the file to your computer and then email it to the help desk.