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Access My Print Center to configure print options, upload, and release your prints.

General Information

In an effort to create a greener, more environmentally friendly campus and to reduce printing costs, Information Technology and the Cheng Library have worked together to unify printing resources. All registered WPUNJ student accounts will be given a printing quota at the start of the Fall Semester of $15.00 per academic year (fall, spring & summer). The counter will reset at the beginning of each year and there will be no carryover. After the $15.00 per year quota is reached, printing charges may be paid by using Pioneer Express - associated with your student ID card. You are responsible for keeping track of your printing quota and budgeting your resources accordingly.

Print job costs are based on the job attributes outlined below. These prices are also in effect for copying from Multifunction devices:

Paper Size Attribute Cost per Page
Default Paper Size
Black and White $0.05
Color $0.15
Black and White, Duplex $0.02
Color, Duplex $0.06

In this case, a "page" refers to the number of pages in the document you wish to print - NOT necessarily a sheet of paper.

Duplex printing uses both sides of the paper for print. By default, printing is set to duplex and black and white, unless a student over rides these settings. See the Duplex Printing article for how you can modify your documents to print single sided.

Documents remain in your queue for 24 hours. After this period, any unreleased documents are purged. If there is a problem with the printer or your print job, please report it to the Technology Consultant on duty. Technology Consultant Team Leaders can reprint failed print job pages if there is a print jamb and not all pages print.

Please note prices are subject to change based on paper and toner costs.

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Locate a Release Station

To search an interactive map of release stations on the WPUNJ campus, please click the image below. For more information about release stations, please see Release Station Locations and Attributes



Service Your Account

Add funds to your account

Need help? Contact the Help Desk.


If faculty need to print from a computer lab for teaching and learning purposes they may submit a Web Help Desk ticket with a “Request Type” of “Printing/Multi-Function Device – Request" to request an allocation.