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Remove the ink cartridge and check for any loose paper.  
Remove the ink cartridge and check for any loose paper.  

Remove the fuser.
Remove the fuser.

Check the back of the printer for any jammed paper in the rear paper feeder.
Check the back of the printer for any jammed paper in the rear paper feeder.

Check the back of the printer where you can remove the imaging kit.  
Check the back of the printer where you can remove the imaging kit.  

The image below shows you how to remove the rear imaging kit and some spots to check.
The image below shows you how to remove the rear imaging kit and some spots to check.

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Common Problems

Always remember the mantra: *Reboot before you troubleshoot*. Please be sure to reboot the computer you are working on, or reboot the printer you are attempting to print to, before you exhaust any extensive troubleshooting scenarios.

  1. Is the print queue mapped on the workstation? Verify that the PC is located in the correct OU in Active Directory. If other Computers in the OU also do not have the proper print queues mapped, open a web help desk ticket with the name of the computers and the name of the print queue that needs to be added.
  2. Is user the only one having a problem? Verify that this is the case. Attempt to print to the same printer and release the print job.
    1. Yes.
      1. Is the user able to map a printer from the workstation? If not, Verify that the workstation is online (pinging). Reboot the computer and verify that the issue is not resolved. If the issue persists, try printing as a different user on the same workstation. Verify that other workstations in the area are not having issues printing as well.
      2. Is the user able to print some documents, but not others? This could be a print driver issue. Please open a web help desk ticket and attach the FILE to the ticket.
      3. Is the user able to log into computers, but unable to log into a release station? Graduate students are often flagged because they are marked as "alumni" in Active Directory instead of as an active student. Call Help Desk - they can verify a student is registered for classes and then place the account into the proper "students" OU.
      4. Is the issue tied to the user or the machine that the user is using? Have a different account log into the same machine and verify that they can print successfully, as well as "release" the print job if appropriate.
    2. No.
      1. Can you ping the printer?
        1. If you cannot ping the printer, reboot the printer. Verify that it comes back online. If it does not, ask network and hardware to verify good connectivity. This eliminates the possibility of a network problem.
      2. Check the print queue. Is there a document stuck in a "printing" status (but never being printed)? Is there a print job stuck in an "error" status? Right click the document > Cancel. Wait about 30 seconds and then press F5 to refresh your view. Verify the job has successfully been removed from the print queue. If subsequent documents also get stuck, Clear the entire print queue and see if "fresh" documents also have the same problem. If it is still an issue, Reboot the printer. If it is still an issue, open a Web Help Desk ticket with the name of the print queue and all previous troubleshooting steps taken.
    3. If you determine that the problem is the printer and not the network, or, if the printer is displaying an error message that has to be addressed:
      1. Get the service tag number of the printer (tag on back of machine)
      2. Go to - enter the service tag number - Warranty information will display.
      3. If the printer is under warranty, contact Dell Support

Printer is OFFLINE

  1. Check the ethernet jack in the back to make sure it's plugged in. Students will sometimes unplug the printers.
  2. Attempt to ping the printer
  3. Reboot the printer
  4. Verify that the port on the wall is functioning
  5. Verify that the issue is only related to this printer - are other devices in the room or area ALSO having network connectivity issues? This is important to take note of, as it will increase the likelihood of the issue being resolved in a timely manner. Include this information in a web help desk ticket.

PC's Print to Print Services

Student PC's will connect to the incorrect printer and default to Print Services. WPU Print Services is for faculty and staff only. If you see students trying to print to the orange WPU Print Services printer, please open a ticket for that computer and include the service tag. Direct the student to the pharosps\BW or \COLOR printer.

Print Services Bug.PNG

Printer Says Incorrect Paper

If a patron printed an odd-sized document, the printer may get locked up. We only supply 8.5x11 paper. Make sure to set all trays to 8.5x11.

Color Laser Jet MF680.1.PNG

What to do when the Printer printing out blank pages?

  1. Remove the toner cartridge and then the imaging unit.
  2. Firmly shake the imaging unit
  3. Reinstall the imaging unit and then the cartridge and then resend the print job.
  4. If it still prints blank pages, then replace the imaging unit. Imaging units are not covered under warranty, so the manufacturer would not replace it. The department would have to purchase them.
  5. If the printer still prints out blank pages,it might be the printer problem then call the manufacturer technical support

Working with Different Printers

HP M806

We have the M806 printers in the Library, Ben Shahn, and Valley Road.

An HP M806 LaserJet Printer

Paper Tray Locations

  • Paper Tray 1 - manual paper feed on top of the printer
  • Paper Trays 2 & 3 - Normal paper trays, labeled

Paper Tray Orientation

  • These printers automatically detect the orientation of the paper in their trays. The paper size, that the printer chooses, is determined by the width of the paper guides.
  • Printers may need to be rebooted after the proper orientations are set on the paper trays

Paper should be oriented as pictured:


Checking for Jams

Open the front cover of the printer. When you open the printer, you'll notice some teal colored tabs. These indicate parts that can be removed or adjusted. M806.1.PNG

Remove the ink cartridge and check for any loose paper.


Remove the fuser.


Check the back of the printer for any jammed paper in the rear paper feeder.


Check the back of the printer where you can remove the imaging kit.


The image below shows you how to remove the rear imaging kit and some spots to check.


LaserJet MFP m725

The m725 is deployed in the Ben Shahn Printer room. Color Laser Jet MF680.1.PNG

File:Color Laser Jet MF680.2.PNG

File:Color Laser Jet MF680.3.PNG

File:Color Laser Jet MF680.4.PNG

Dell 5130cn

The Dell 5130cn is used in several staff offices, but not in any of our print rooms.

Removing and Reseating the Drum Cartridges on the Dell 5130cn Printer

  • Turn the printer off.
  • Open the front cover.


  • Rotate the lock levers of the inner cover to open it.


  • Grasp the handles on the drum cartridge you want to replace and pull out the cartridge halfway.


  • Grasp one side of the drum cartridge with the other hand and pull out the cartridge from the printer.
  • If this is a new drum cartridge, pull out the ribbons.


  • Slide the cartridge into the slot.


  • Remove the orange protective covering (if present) of the installed drum cartridge and discard.


  • Close the inner cover.


  • Rotate the lock levers to secure the cover.
  • Close the front cover.

Removing and installing the fuser on Dell 5130cn printer

Removing a fuser
  • Turn off the printer and wait for 30 minutes before removing the fuser.
  • Raise the latch on the handle of the right hand cover to open the cover


  • Grasp both handles of the installed fuser with your hands and pull it out


Installing a new fuser
  • Unpack a new fuser.
  • Grasp both handles of the fuser with your hands and install the fuser in the printer
  • Close the right hand cover

Reset to Factory Defaults

DO NOT reset to factory (default) settings unless you have exhausted all other troubleshooting steps possible. Information Systems must reconfigure the printer if you perform a factory reset.

  1. Go to utilities setting of printer's LCD menu
  2. Find restore factory default settings
  3. Open a ticket in Web Help Desk to configure a network printer.

Paper Jams

If printer is jamming, try to determine where it’s jamming. Under the printer coming up from the tray, in the rear just before coming out, when it duplexes? This will help the phone tech. If you can't see the cause of the jam, tech support will walk you through steps to clear it.