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This article provides information on utilizing Cisco Webex Calling and Voicemail. If you are looking for instructions for the existing Avaya Voicemail system please see our previous documentation.

Information Technology is responsible for the design implementation and management of the University’s voice systems consisting of the Cisco Webex Calling, end user instruments and supporting peripherals, inclusive of messaging, call and invoice management systems, automated operator and directory services.

Here are some helpful links with detailed instructions pertaining to the Phone and Voicemail System:

What is Webex?

Webex is Cisco’s video and phone conferencing platform. It allows individuals to make, receive, and schedule phone calls, video calls, and conferences from any device. Webex meetings are highly immersive, providing HD video, wireless content sharing and much more. Webex Meetings and Events can have up to 1000 participants. Webex meeting would be more collaborative whereas Webex events are more ideal for presentations and a larger audience.

Changes to Webex - 2021

Important information about changes to Webex at WPUNJ:

A Unified WebEx App
By years end, the current WebEx Teams app and WebEx Meetings app will be fully replaced by a single app simply called WebEx.

For now, WebEx Meetings will stay in place and anyone with Web Teams should automatically be upgraded to WebEx.

WebEx Calling in Trial
We are currently testing WebEx calling in limited trial testing. WebEx calling turns the WebEx application into a fully featured phone experience, using your WPU extension either on or off campus.

For specific information about the calling testing, or if you have questions and concerns, please contact the HelpDesk.

Using the Webex App (Desktop)


The full application is available through the Software Center on University imaged machines.
For personal machines, go to to install full application for your platform.

After installing, you will need to sign in to the application:

  1. Select Sign in
  2. Enter your full WPU email address
  3. Sign in again with WPU login and Duo authentication.

Upon initial login, you may encounter ‘Phone service disconnected’ message – to resolve click the message, then click ‘New Session’.

service disconnected error

Interface Overview

Webex App User Interface


On Windows and Mac, you'll see Help at the bottom of your spaces list, which links you to Cisco help documentation.


Your group work takes place in spaces, either in groups or in direct messages with another person. They display prominently so you can get to them whenever you need to. Your most recently active spaces are at the top. If anyone has added you to a new team or space, you'll see it here too. When someone's posted a new message in the space, you'll see the bolded space name.

Navigation Menu

Switch easily among your message, team, call, and meeting views. Messages appear by default, but your teams, calls, and meetings are just a click away. When you have unread messages in your spaces or teams, you'll see counters next to Messaging and Teams .

Profile and Preferences

In the app header click your profile to update your picture or name, access your settings and preferences, and set your availability. If you have some important work to finish or are on a call, let people know that you don't want to be disturbed: whether that's for a few minutes or an entire day is up to you.


In the app header click Set a status , select a status from the list or create and share any status you want, so your colleagues know what you're up to.


In the app header, just click Search, meet, and call to search through the history of your conversations to find people you're talking to, spaces you're in, messages you received, and files you need.


Click to see the available filters. Then, select a filter to show just the messages or spaces you want to see.

Start a Conversation, Make a Call, or Add a Contact

In the app header, click , and select Send a direct message to create a direct message space between you and just one other person, or select Create a Space to start a group conversation. You can also select Make a call , or select Add a contact.


In the app header on Windows and Mac, you can connect automatically with Webex devices from the Connect to a Device menu. When connected, you can share your screen, start a call, or open a space (on Webex Board). You can also connect to your desk phone from the menu to make calls and join meetings. If you have a lot of devices close by, you can set certain devices to not automatically connect.


Whenever you're in a space, click the activity menu tabs to get access to all the different activities you can do:

Messages — Messages are where you chat with colleagues. We keep these messages secure so you can feel confident sharing your work ideas in Webex.

People — see who's in the space, or if you're a moderator you can add people to the space.

Content — find and see all your shared files, photos, links and whiteboard content.

Schedule — create a meeting from the space or get a list of meetings already scheduled for the space.


Audio — make an audio call to a person or to people in a Space.

Video — make a video call to a person or to people in a Space.

Application Update Available

The Cisco Webex App will periodically prompt for an update by showing an icon in the sidebar. Click the green circle icon to relaunch Webex and install the newest application version.

Audio Calling

Place an Audio Call

To place an audio call, navigate to the calling tab:

webex app - calling tab

From here you can dial a number or search directory to make call.

You can view your call history in the left pane.

Answer an Audio Call

When receiving a call, you will receive a desktop notification in the lower right hand corner of the screen with buttons that give you options to answer, decline, or send a message to the caller:

Webex App - Incoming Call

The application will also ring. Ring settings can be adjusted under Audio Preferences, located under your account menu in the upper left hand corner of the application and clicking "Settings" > "Audio."

Webex App - Ringer Settings

Audio Call Settings

To view and manage call settings, click on “Call Settings” bottom left of UI, dialog box will open (see below).

Webex App - Quick Call Settings

Helpful settings available here include:

  • Forward Calls to Voicemail or another registered number (see next section on adding numbers)
  • Select a registered phone for “Single Number Reach” - this will allow incoming calls to ring on both your desktop app and the selected phone

Audio Call Preferences

Call preferences can be located under your account menu in the upper left hand corner of the application and clicking "Settings" -> "Calling":

Call pref2.png
  • Choose whether to start calls with your video enabled.
  • Choose whether to forward calls to VM or another number, add forwarding numbers.
  • Add phone number for Single Number Reach, and enable/disable for numbers.


Setting Voicemail Pin

A voicemail pin will be required to access voicemail and change voicemail settings. The pin must be set by the user. To set your voicemail pin:

  • Change using the guidelines in the prompt:

    cisco webex pin settings

Voicemail Settings

Default Settings

Some voicemail settings are only available through the 'Webex Calling' section of the Settings Portal. This portal can be accessed here: by signing in with you University credentials, then following the 'Webex Calling' link from the top menu (this will open a new page). On this page click 'Voicemail Settings'.

The default voicemail settings are as follows. These settings can be changed if desired:

  • When busy, send calls to voicemail.
  • Answer after 3 rings.

    Default Voicemail Settings

Additional Settings

Voicemail to Email

Users can choose to have voice messages sent to email by entering their email address in the Settings Portal.

Voicemail Text Notification

Users can choose to have voice message notifications sent by text by entering their phone number and selecting their provider in the Settings Portal

Voicemail to Email and Text Settings

For further information on voicemail settings see Voicemail Guide

Voicemail Phone Access - Voice Portal

Voicemail can be access through the Voice Portal by dialing: 973-720-3451. You will be prompted to enter:

  • Mailbox ID (last 4 digits of extension and # symbol)
  • Voicemail Pin and # symbol (set through the web portal, see Setting Voicemail Pin section above.

It is also possible to record your personalized name and No Answer greeting through the Voice Portal. Below is the phone menu tree for reference:


Webex Mobile Apps

Installing the Webex Mobile App allows for your mobile device to be notified when someone calls you through Webex. Calls made to Webex extensions will ring the Webex App and notify you with a "ring" that can be answered on your device. The Webex App also allows you to place calls from your mobile device and can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


The Cisco Webex mobile app is available in the Apple App Store. This is not to be confused with the Cisco Webex Meetings app that will be depreciated moving forward.

Cisco Webex Apple App Store

Login with your University credentials after install.


The Cisco Webex mobile app is available in the Google Play Store. This is not to be confused with the Cisco Webex Meetings app that will be depreciated moving forward.

Cisco Webex Apple App Store

Login with your University credentials after install.

Cisco Phone

Cisco 8841 Guide Page 3.jpg

Please visit the Cisco 8841 Phone Overview section for more information about the Cisco 8841 Phones as well as a PDF with additional information