Outlook 2016 Asking For Sign In

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Microsoft is trying to push it's 365 Online service so as a gift to you, Word and other applications try to log you into their service. FUN!

If you are trying to save a Microsoft Office document to your One Drive account, please follow these steps.

1)Click File Signin1.png

2) Click “Save As"


3)Click one drive.


4)Click Sign in.


5)Login with your @student.wpunj email


A) Faculty/Staff will be directed to the following location. Sign in with your @wpunj email


6) Enter your password and sign in.

A) Faculty and staff will be prompted with a sign in notification from duo.


7) Click yes if you are using a personal device. Otherwise click no to not remember your account on the device.

8)You may now save with one drive. Click one drive.


9) Create a document name, and select file type. Click save.


Your document will now be saved in OneDrive.

Signing Out of 365

If you have logged into 365 and did not intend to use One Drive please do one of the following:

1) From the File menu select "New From Template"

Signed in Office.png

2) Click on the Initials for your account and select "Sign Off"

Sign Out 365.png


1a) From the Word menu select "Sign out..."

2a) Confirm sign out.

Sign out from Word Menu.png