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The Oomf charging devices have been discontinued.  
The Oomf charging devices have been discontinued.
<h3>'''iPhone, Android or Tablet running out low on battery?  Check out an Oomf Mini!'''</h3>
[http://www.theoomf.com/ The Oomf] describes the Oomf Mini as an elegant disc.  Small enough to take to class, use while studying in the Library or having lunch outside!  Charge your Smartphone with the built in Apple Lightning or Micro USB cable.  The Oomf has a 3,200 mAh battery, more than enough to fully charge your phone or tablet.
'''The Oomf Mini is available complimentary, for a 24-hour rental period.'''  Fees only apply if the Oomf Mini is not returned to a charging base station within the 24-hour rental period.  ''Fees are as follows, after the first free 24 hours, $5.00 late fee per day until the device is returned, $75 maximum per Mini per instance.''  These fees are collected by Oomf from the renter directly and not by/from William Paterson University. ([http://www.theoomf.com/how-it-works For more specs on the Oomf Mini and to contact Oomf Support  - http://www.theoomf.com/])
To check out an Oomf Mini, visit any Charging Station on campus.  Use your mobile device to visit www.oomf.it, create an account with Oomf if this is your first rental. A credit card will be required for registration. Once you have logged in, pick up a Oomf Mini, and enter the code found on the back of the Mini, on the oomf.it website. This will activate the Oomf Mini charger and you are on your way!  (Activation must be done within 5 feet of the Oomf base station)
'''Charging Station Locations - '''
<ul><li>Library 120 (Media Services)
<li>Atrium 120 (Printer Room)
<li>Hobart Hall 116 (Technical Services Window)
<li>Science East 3054 (Printer Room)
<li>Valley Road 1040 (Printer Room)</ul>
Each charging station on campus has 10 Oomf Mini devices available.  If it is not convenient to return the device to the station where you checked out the device, you may return it to another charging station.
===Checking out the Oomf Mini===
#Log in to oomf.it  (Create an oomf account, using a unique password)
#Enter Oomf Mini activation code  (You will be asked for a credit card number at the time of your first rental but will not be charged if you return the Oomf to the base station within 24 hours.)
#Verify check out
#Enjoy using the Oomf Mini!
You will receive an email verifying the check out of your device, as well as an email when you return the device to a charging station.
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The Oomf charging devices have been discontinued.