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Faculty and Staff will no longer be subjected to an e-mail quota limit and creating or maintaining .PST archive files.  In order to allow for unlimited e-mail storage space and improve e-mail performance, Information Technology will implement e-mail archiving to the Microsoft cloud.    The process will be automatic and may only require one authentication step to gain access to your Online Archive Account, but there are a few key changes you need to be aware of:

All Faculty and Staff will have access to the Online Archive through the Outlook Web App.

  1. A one-time authentication to the Microsoft cloud may be required to access your archive account. When the Online Archive is activated for your account you may, depending on the e-mail client you use, receive a pop-up prompt titled “Windows Security – Microsoft Outlook Connecting to”.    Your will appear, click on the “Password” box and enter your WPU Password.  Also, you may be prompted each time you log in if you did not select the “Remember my credentials” box when you authenticate.


  2. Messages from the last two years will remain in the current mailbox with the remainder of messages, those older then two years, in the archive account.  (Note: Emails can also added to the Online Archive mailbox by dragging and dropping them from your mailbox.) 
  3. The archive e-mail account will appear in your desktop Outlook and the Outlook Web Application.

    Windows Online Archive:
    Online archive.PNG

MacOS Online Archive:
Online Archive MacOS.png

  1. When searching for a message older than the archive cut-off it will be necessary to select the “All Mailboxes” search option or click on the archive mailbox or individual folder in that mailbox.   


  2. Message folders will be preserved in the archive account within the same folder structure as the current account.
  3. Calendar Appointments and Tasks will not be archived.    
  4. Notes will be archived. Contact the helpdesk if this is an issue.

Information Technology strongly recommends that Faculty have students submit their assignments to Blackboard and not to accept assignments via e-mail.  E-mail should not be used as a storage container or receipt vehicle for student submissions.  For information on how to use Blackboard please see the Faculty Workshops and Institutes schedule at