Managed Software Update Hung

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On occasion Managed software Update will hang while installing (usually during a logout install). If there is no movement of the progress bar or a barber pole is present for a long time for an install that shouldn't be taking long, it is likely that the install has hung. Do the following:

1) If there is a "stop" button present, click on it and give it about 5 minutes to stop the install process. Most of the time this will stop the errant process and drop you into the login window. At this point [[restart]} the machine to make sure that all install processes (including the ones that hung) are stopped so that future installs are not compromised.

2) If attempts to stop the install process do not work, then press and hold the power button for a 10 count. Then press the button again. Failure to do the ten count may result in the machine going to sleep rather than shutting down.

You should be able to log in normally after either procedure. If the install process was unable to install any application or update that it was supposed to you may be notified of the same (or some of) application to be installed again. This is OK and can be attempted again at a time of your choosing unless it is a past due install.