Mac Desktop "Flashing"

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Is your desktop doing the following repeatedly :


Or does your Dock have a question mark where your network home folder should be?

This indicates that your network User Folder has one of the following problems:

1) You are not authenticated to the network.
2) You manually connected to WPU-folders via the "recent items" menu.
3) You do not have a network home folder assigned..
4) You have a network home but it is not visible to the MacOS.
5) Your computer's network connection was dropped while you were away.

Before contacting the helpdesk please do the following:

Unmount "wpu-folders" if it is on the desktop by dragging it to the trash. Unmount any "User-Folders" share that may be present. You should NOT have any User-Folders share on your desktop.
Wait 2-3 minutes.
If "wpu-folders" does not reappear and the home folder show up in the Dock then Reboot the machine. If that does not bring the home folder back please contact the helpdesk.

We will verify that your Network Home Folder exists.
We will verify that your Network Home Folder is correctly set in AD.
We will verify that your Network Home Folder is visible to the Mac OS.
You are using an local account which needs to be added to an exception list.

Once they fix the issue, the problem will stop.