MPR Video Files Archiving

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Archival of MPR video files.

There is an automator action set for the folder /Users/Shared/Final Video Renders. A shortcut has been placed on the desktop of the TwillyP and GradMPR accounts on the last computer (257A) as well as the 257 computer for account TwillyP.

MPR File Transfer Shortcut.png

Do not delete the Final Video Renders folder!

The automator action does the following anytime an item is added to the Final Video Renders folder:

1) Gets the items currently in the folder.
2) MOVES the file(s) to LaCie Disk/Twilly P/Final Videos/ .

Please note that this is NOT a copy. The local "Final Video Renders" folder will be empty when the action is completed.

Rendering Directly to Final Video Render Folder

You can render your final video project directly to the Final Video Render folder. When the render is complete the Automator action will automatically move the file to the LaCie Disk. Below is an example from Final Cut Pro X

Export To Render Folder.gif

Please note that when the transfer is happening a little Automator animation will appear in the menubar.

Automator Activity notification.png

Moving A File To Be Archived

If you want to archive an already existing file drag the file onto the shortcut on the desktop or directly to the Final Video Renders folder. The file(s) will be moved automatically. You can move multiple files at a time.