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Access WPUNJ IPTV at www.wpunj.edu/tv

WPUNJ IPTV is powered by Philo
Philo app on iOS

This is a new network IP TV service (IPTV) that Information Technology adopted to distribute live broadcast television, WPU locally produced programming, and I2 learning network content. This service is available to all authorized campus network users with premium content and DVR services available to resident students. IPTV permits students, faculty and staff to stream content over WPU wireless or wired network to any computer or mobile device giving all greater reach and flexibility. At inception it will carry up to 72 channels for resident students and local broadcast channels to authorized campus network users. The legacy Cable TV service via coax cable is no longer maintained and may not be available in all residence halls. For those who want to utilize traditional TV sets you may use a Roku device by logging onto IPTV page and click on "Account Settings" and "Register Roku".

Technical Requirements

  • iOS mobile devices such iPad or iPhone. Download the Philo app from the App Store.
  • Android is supported. Download the Philo app from the Play Store.
  • Roku devices are supported. Just login on the IPTV page and select "Settings"/"Account Settings" and "Register Roku".
IPTV channel lineup on a desktop computer