Getting Started: Wired

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Getting Started: Wired

If these instructions do not work, please follow the instructions to Manually Connect to Wired Network


  1. Plug in machine to your assigned network port. The port should go up and you should obtain an IP address (149.151.x.x). If you are unable to obtain an IP address, please report the problem to ResNet or fill in the smartphone mobile Report a Problem form so that they can verify your network jack connectivity.
  2. Check your TCP/IP settings to ensure the "Obtain IP address automatically" and "Obtain DNS server address automatically" are checked.

  3. Open your web browser. A captive portal provisioning page will open automatically.

  4. Type in your wpconnect username and password.
  5. Type in a name for your device and click on "Register"

  6. Download and install the Cisco Network Setup Assistant. Accept any certificate or windows prompts.
  7. If prompted, type in your WPConnect password, otherwise, just click start. Accept any certificate or windows prompts.
  8. Once the Cisco Network Setup Assistant completes configuration, your device should have full internet access

You should now have full access to the WPUNJNet.

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