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As part of Information Technology’s efforts to keep current with industry trends and provide enhanced services, IT is working on a project to migrate all WPUNJ employee email accounts from on-campus email servers to Microsoft cloud-based servers. This project is expected to be completed prior to the Fall 2018 semester.

Information Technology will be contacting all employees and departments prior to their accounts' migration. Migrations be scheduled during evening hours, and all mailbox contents and settings will be preserved.

Microsoft Outlook desktop application for PCs

The Microsoft Outlook desktop application installed on university computers should automatically pick up the new server settings. If Outlook is in use during the migration, at the end of the migration, a dialog box will appear requiring that Outlook be restarted.

Please note: as the email accounts will now be hosted on off-campus servers, the actions performed in the Outlook application will be slower than when previously hosted on on-campus servers.

Microsoft Outlook Desktop application for Macs

Outlook for Mac users may need to ensure that their Outlook settings are configured to use their full email address ( for the Username field.

Outlook Web Access (OWA) - WPconnect email or

The Outlook Web Access site (,, or Email icon in WPconnect) will automatically redirect migrated accounts to the Microsoft Exchange Online Outlook Web Access site. After first logging in to, a second logon will prompt to login to

Optionally, the direct URL to Microsoft Exchange Online OWA can be used at or You now must login with your FULL email address, not just your username.

Please note: If you receive a message that the account does not exist, you may need to clear your web browser cache.

Clearing Cache on Web Browsers

Please clear your cache and cookies on the browser you are experiencing an error while accessing your email. After deleting your cache on the appropriate browser, please attempt logging into your email once again.

Here are short ‘how to’ videos or documents with step by step instructions:

Email on Mobile Devices (phones, iPads, etc.)

Mobile device mail clients may or may not need manual configuration. If a device was originally configured with using the Autodiscover option, it should have the full email address as the Username and will most likely automatically pick up the new settings.

If the device was initially configured with just a username and domain (WPC), it may need to be manually reconfigured or remove/re-add the account to allow Autodiscover to configure it.

If your Mobile Device is not receiving email after the migration you will need to check the following setting or remove and recreate the account.

  • The username configured will need to be changed to your full email address instead of just your username. Example -
  • The mail server after the migration will point to
  • No domain is required.

If you are still unable to connect please remove the mail profile and use the following articles to recreate the profile.]

Configuring Email On Mobile Devices

iPhone or iPad

Android Devices

Outlook Issue Troubleshooting

Duplicate Calendar Reminders

If you encounter cases of duplicate calendar reminders, follow these steps:

  • Quit Outlook
  • Click the Start button then type Run
  • In run, type Outlook.exe /cleanreminders (don’t forget the space after the exe) and press Enter

Slowness/freezing related to Archive PST files

If you encounter constant slowness or freezing in the Outlook application after migration and have previously Archived mail to a PST folder, you may need to have the PST folders disconnected from Outlook (and opened when needed) or have the mail in the PST file migrated back into your account. If you encounter this issue, please contact the Helpdesk.

Post Migration Help

If you encounter any issues with your email after the migration, please contact the Helpdesk at 973.720.4357 or for assistance.