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This article defines the scopes of William Paterson University's email distribution lists. This is an evolving document, and will be expounded upon over time.

Information Source

The Human Resources Data Base Employee Classification (PEAEMPL e-class) is the source of the information for automatically generated lists.

Automatically Updating Lists

The below lists are updated automatically and are refreshed nightly at 8:00PM.

  • Adjuncts: Includes all adjunct faculty (E-Classes 05-06)
  • Classified: Includes all Classified staff (E-Classes 21-34; 40-45;54-59)
  • FACULTY: Includes 10-month, 12-month, and part-time faculty (E-Classes 01-04; 09-10)
  • FACULTY-Emeritus and Retired: Includes emeritus and retired faculty who still have WPUNJ email accounts
  • FAC/PROF/LIB/Staff (Faculty/Professional Staff/Librarians): Includes Faculty, Professional Staff and Librarians (E-Classes 01-04; 09-10; 13-20)
  • HIGHER ED MANAGERS: Includes all Higher Education Managers (E-Classes 60-63, 64-67)
  • Professional Staff and Librarians: Includes Professional Staff and Librarians (E-Classes 13-20)
  • All Users (UNV): Includes all email accounts existing on the Faculty/Staff/Employee email system
  • All Users (STU): Includes all email accounts existing on the student email system (including existing accounts for prior/non-enrolled students)
  • All Enrolled Students: Incudes all email accounts for students, including enrolled employees, currently enrolled with greater than 0 credits in the current (or next active) semester.

Manually Maintained Lists

The below lists are individually maintained by the department indicated:

Academic Affairs -- Provost Office

AcademicDeansandAssocDeans -- Provost Office

Acct & Laws Adjuncts -- Accounting & Law

acct&law -- Accounting & Law

Ace-Net -- Information Technology

Administration -- Maintenance PPO

Anthro Adjuncts -- Anthropology

Anthro FT Faculty -- Anthropology

biofaculty -- Biology

biostaff -- Biology

Career Development -- Career Development

Chairperson -- Provost Office

Classified -- Human Resources

COB -- College of Business

COB-Council -- College of Business

CODS-Clinic -- Communication Disorders

CODS-Std -- Communication Disorders

COE College Council -- College of Education

COE Deans Office -- College of Education

COE adjuncts -- College of Education

COEfaculty -- College of Education

COELiaisons -- College of Education

COEpirS -- College of Education

COEProfStaff -- College of Education

COEsupportStaff -- College of Education

CollegeHallStaff -- Information Technology

CRP -- Information Technology

Directors Council -- Provost Office

Directors & Supervisors -- Human Resources

Econ & Finance Adjuncts -- Economics & Finance

Econ&Finance -- Economics & Finance

EmeritusFaculty -- Biology

ENS-Network -- Information Technology Enterprise Network and System Services

ENSS -- Information Technology Enterprise Network and System Services

Ens-Systems -- Information Technology Enterprise System Services

First Year English -- English

FLM-users -- Provost Office

FSPAdeansSecys -- Institutional Research

FSPAusers -- Institutional Research

GradProgamDir -- Provost Office

HighEdMngrs -- Human Resources

HobartManor -- Advancement

LabSpecs -- Information Technology

Librarycouncil -- Library

LibraryFaculty -- Library

LibraryBuilding -- Library

LibraryClassifiedStaff -- Library

MaintSupervisors -- Maintenance PPO

MaintCustodial -- Maintenance PPO

MaintShops -- Maintenance PPO

Mkt&Mgt Adjuncts -- Marketing & Management

Mkt&Mgmnt -- Marketing & Management

Programmers -- Information Technology 

ProvostCouncil -- Provost Office

Renewals -- Library

SDEM-Directors -- Student Development

SDEM-Division -- Student Development

Sociology -- Sociology

SociologyAdjuncts -- Sociology

StudyRooms -- Library

SupportSpecials -- Information Technology

SYSprogs -- Information Technology

UserServices -- Information Technology