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This article defines the scopes of William Paterson University's email distribution lists. This is an evolving document, and will be expounded upon over time.

Information Source

The Human Resources Data Base Employee Classification (PEAEMPL e-class) is the source of the information for automatically generated lists.

Faculty and Staff

The below lists that update automatically are refreshed nightly at 8:00PM.

  • Faculty list - Includes active employee E-Classes 01-04; 09-10. In summary, this is 10 month, 12 month, and part time faculty. This list does not include adjunct faculty.
  • Faculty – Emeritus & Inactive - Includes emeritus faculty and inactive employees who still have email accounts.
  • Faculty/Professional Staff/Librarians - E-Classes 01-04; 09-10; 13-20
  • Professional Staff - E-Classes 13-20. Includes Librarians.
  • Classified Staff - E-Classes 21-34; 40-45;54-59.
  • Higher Ed Managers - E-Classes 64-67; 60-63
  • Directors and Supervisors - Manually maintained by Human Resources