Course Evaluations Open and Close Instructions

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Course Evaluations Distribute and Close Instructions

Navigate to the WPconnect Faculty & Advisors Page

To begin: Navigate to the WPconnect Faculty & Advisors Page. Click on the “Course Evaluations Open/Close” link found under the Faculty & Academic Admin section.


Distributing a course evaluation survey

Click on the checkbox(es) next to the course(s) you want to open for evaluations. Then click on the “Distribute Evaluations” button


Informing students about distributed course evaluations

After you have distributed a course evaluation, you can let students know how to access it. Students can access their course evaluations by:

  • Checking their WPConnect Notifications
    • Students can find their WPConnect notification by logging into and clicking on their name found in the top right corner of the screen.


The WPConnect notifications will look like this for students: Clicking on the notification will take students to their course evaluations page.


Closing an evaluation

Once a course is open for evaluations. You will be able to close it. Click on the “Close Evaluations” button to close a specific course.


A course evaluation that has been closed will show the date of when it was closed.