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This computer has been recently replaced or reconfigured through the Computer Renewal Program and your files, university standard applications, and any non-standard university licensed applications that you requested should already be installed.

If you currently have a laptop, please drop it off at the Information Technology counter located in the Instruction & Research Technology suite (room 120) in the Library to have your files backed up and transferred to your new computer. If it's more convenient, you may also call the Help Desk at 973-720-4357 and schedule an appointment to drop off the laptop in College Hall, suite 140.

If you are missing software, it may be located in the Software Center along with other university applications and can be downloaded at any time. Search Software Center on the start menu or submit a ticket.

If the software application you need is not available in the Software Center or if you are missing files, please contact the Help Desk by entering a ticket or by calling 973-720-4357.

All computer equipment returned to the Computer Renewal Program receives a full data wipe after backup of the hard drive is confirmed. The equipment is then evaluated by our technicians, and if it can be reused, is sent to our central inventory. All other computing equipment is sent to a disposal company which will erase the hard drives again and send us certification that all data has been destroyed.

For future reference, in the event that there is hardware failure or damage to your computer due to breaks, drops, or spills, please also contact the Help Desk by entering a ticket or by calling 973-720-4357.

Thank you,

Computer Renewal Program Deployment Team

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