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Your computer has recently been replaced through the Computer Renewal Program for full-time faculty and staff. The standard university software applications and any additional non-standard licensed applications that you requested have already been installed along with selected files and settings from your previous PC.

  • If there's an application that you'd like, but it's not on your PC, search Software Center on the Start menu or submit a ticket.
  • Access Microsoft Office in the cloud with Microsoft Office 365!
  • Did you know that you can access your telephone voicemail online?
  • Learn how to access WPUNJ resources from off campus using VPN

Your files and settings have been backed up to a network drive and can be restored by our staff. If you have been saving files to your U:\ drive (which is also your K:\User Folders\<name> directory), then you will have immediate access to them through that directory.

Thank you,

Computer Renewal Program Deployment Team