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Your computer has recently been replaced through the Computer Renewal Program for full-time faculty and staff. The standard university software applications and any additional non-standard licensed applications that you requested have already been installed along with selected files and settings from your previous PC. For any questions regarding installations, please refer to the ITWiki before opening a ticket in Web Helpdesk.

Please take a moment to look at the Software Center (search "Software Center" in the start menu) and browse available software installations in the Available Software tab. You will now be able to select and install available software from this window. For additional software requests, please submit a ticket via Web Helpdesk.

All of your previous PC's files and settings have been backed up to a network drive and can be restored by our staff, however, if you have been saving files to your U:\ drive (which is also your K:\User Folders\<name> directory), then you will have immediate access to them through that directory.

It is important to note that files should never be saved to your desktop. Files that are not saved on the network cannot be backed up or restored by Information Systems.

In addition, your Microsoft Office applications have been upgraded to Microsoft Office 2013. While there are minimal changes between Office 2010 and Office 2013, questions can be directed to the Help Desk at 973-720-4357.

Thank you,

Computer Renewal Program Deployment Team