Clear Cache in Internet Explorer 9

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If you're seeing something unexpected or out of date on a web page, one of the causes could be your browser's cache. In Internet Explorer 9, the cache is referred to as "Temporary Internet Files."

Clearing Temporary Internet Files in IE 9

First, click on the "tools menu" in the upper right hand corner of your browser and choosing "Internet options." The tools menu is represented by a picture of a gear, as shown below:

Once you have chosen "Internet options," the Internet Options dialog box will pop up. You will want to choose the "General" tab on the top (should be the default). Under "Browsing history," you will see an option for deleting temporary files, history, saved passwords and web form information. Press the "delete" button. At this time, nothing is deleted yet:

The last step involves the "Delete Browsing History" box as shown below. Usually, the defaults are OK and clicking "delete" will remove any cached files. A more detailed description of the options is found below:

Once you have finished deleting cached files, click OK to exit the dialog boxes and then restart Internet Explorer. Be sure to close all IE windows before restarting.

Options in "Delete Browsing History"

  • Preserve Favorites website data - Checking this box exempts web pages listed in your favorites from the options below
  • Temporary Internet Files - You almost always want this checked. These are temporary files that can be reread from a website at any time.
  • Cookies - These are locally stored files that allow websites to store information on your machine. This information could be login information, shopping cart history, etc.
  • History - Checking this removes the list of websites you've visited
  • Download History - Checking this removes the list of files you've downloaded with internet explorer. It does NOT remove the files you've downloaded.
  • Form Data - This removes auto-fill data from forms you may have saved
  • Passwords - Checking this removes any passwords you've stored in your browser.
  • ActiveX Filtering and Tracking Protection Data - Checking this clears any list of "safe sites" you've marked.