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Wecome to the Classroom Technology Support Page of the IT WIKI.

Classroom Technology Support was created to support mediated rooms across the campus. CTS is a unit within Instruction and Research Technology Here you will find documentation and instruction for the various mediated rooms across the campus.

If you experience problems with the projection system in a mediated room, please call (973)720-2308 immediately. We have the ability to monitor the room remotely and troubleshoot with you right over the phone to get you back on track as quickly as possible. If you are unable or decide not to call, please enter a helpdesk ticket at

Helpful Information

Dark Image: If you are having difficulty seeing the projected image it can often be improved by turning off the lights and/or pulling down shades.
If the image still seems dark, please report the problem at using the request type Podium Equipment / Classroom/Lab/Clinic Technology / Projection Systems

Blurry/Grainy image: Often poor image quality is due to incorrect resolution settings.
Please enter a helpdesk ticket at using the request type Podium Equipment / Classroom/Lab/Clinic Technology / Projection Systems

Audio Issues: If the audio level is low from the built in PC or a laptop, volume can be adjusted from multiple locations. If you are viewing a video from your browser (you tube, etc) the viewer usually has its own volume controls separate from the PC's master volume and the projection system master volume. If you hear audio from the PC itself it means either the audio cable is not plugged in or the PC settings are incorrect. Please call (973) 720-2308 immediately to report.


Please select a building from the list below for information and instructions on the room.

Ben Shahn
College Hall
Wightman Gym
Hamilton Hall
Hunziker Hall
High Mountain East
Morrison Hall
Overlook South
Power Arts
Science East
Science West
University Hall
Valley Road