Changing Your Password on Mac OS X

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  • Note: This will also change the password for your e-mail account!!*

1) Go to the System Preferences. You can get to it from the Apple menu or the icon in the Dock.

Sys Pref Dock Icon.png
Fig. 1: System Preferences icon in Dock.

2) Click on the "Users & Groups" pane.

Users & Groups.png
Fig. 2: User & Group Preference Pane Icon.

3) Your account will be highlighted. Click on the "Change Password" button.

User Preference.png
Fig. 3: User Account Preference Window.

4) Change your password. Old password first. new one next.

Change Password.png
Fig. 4: Change password

This will change your login password and update your Keychain password (stores passwords).

Keychain Password Change

If you changed your password anywhere other than the User Preferences panel or Login Window, you will need to change your login keychain because it still contains your old password.

Keychain1.png Fig. 5: Keychain Access

Locate the Keychain Access application in the Utilities folder.

Keychain2.png Fig. 6:Select the "Login" keychain.

Select the Login keychain.

Edit-Change Password.png Fig. 7: Select "Change Password for Keychain "Login" from the Edit menu

Enter New Password.png Fig.8: Enter the previous password then the new one that you created.

If you have forgotten the previous password you had you will have to delete the login keychain:

Keychain3.png Fig. 9: Select "Delete Keychain "login"

From the file menu select "Delete Keychain "Login"".

Fig. 10: Select "Delete References and Files".

Select "Delete References and File"

If you had a stored Outlook (or other e-mail client) password, or any password associated with an application you will be required to enter the new password.