Changing Your Password on Mac OS X

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  • Note: This will also change the password for your e-mail account!!*

1) Go to the System Preferences. You can get to it from the Apple menu or the icon in the Dock.

Sys Pref Dock Icon.png
Fig. 1: System Preferences icon in Dock.

2) Click on the "Users & Groups" pane.

Users & Groups.png
Fig. 2: User & Group Preference Pane Icon.

3) Your account will be highlighted. Click on the "Change Password" button.

User Preference.png
Fig. 3: User Account Preference Window.

4) Change your password. Old password first. new one next.

Change Password.png
Fig. 4: Change password

*Note* Please beware that when you change your password using these directions your e-mail password will also be changed. After changing your password you may get a prompt for your "login keychain" password. This is usually the old password. It will then update to the new password you created.