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Center for Teaching & Learning with Technology



The Center for Teaching and Learning Technology (CTLT), located in room 120k of the Cheng Library, is focused on providing dynamic consultation in pedagogy and technology and offering instructional design and development services for faculty members at William Paterson University.

WE stress
. . . The confluence of technology and pedagogy,
. . . A concentration on classroom needs,
. . . A Focus on proactive academic support.


Schedule - Spring 2013

Category Topic Date & Time
Cohort Seminar Teaching in an active classroom
Session 1: Introducing the Active Learning

Feb. 28, 2013

Session 2: Sharing Ideas on Active Learning Strategies Mar. 28, 2013
Session 3: Wrap-up Apr.25, 2013
Flipped Classes
Session 1: Introducing the Flipped Classes Feb. 26, 2013
Session 2: Sharing Ideas on Flipped Classes Strategies Mar. 26, 2013
Session 3: Wrap-up Apr. 23, 2013
One-offs In the Cloud – Google, Apple, MS sky drive, Dropbox, etc. Feb. 27, 12:30pm
Effective use of Social Media Mar. 27, 12:30pm
iPad & Mobile Learning with TAC committee Apr. 18, 12:30pm

For more information contact Dr. Jae Kim: <a href="kimj@wpunj.edu">kimj@wpunj.edu</a>


Teaching in an Active Classroom

Raub212 is being remodeled to an active learning classroom that offers a student-centered, technology-rich, learning environment. At a glance the active learning classroom is very different from a regular one: The room design, flexible furniture, writing surfaces, and technology, support faculty in engaging with their students through the integrated use of media and collaborative learning activities. In the semester long cohort sessions, participants will have an opportunity to discuss the followings: Why a faculty member chooses to teach in this environment? What are the benefits of using this learning environment? With this changed learning environment, what classroom teaching strategies you can use? Additionally, some ways you can incorporate the active learning strategies that can be used in your regular classroom will be discussed.

Flipped Classes

In the flipped classroom, instruction with teacher-created videos and interactive lessons that used to occur in class is now accessed at home, in advance of class. Class becomes the place to work through problems, advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning. In the semester long cohort sessions, participants will explore the pros and cons, and strategies on using flipped Classes method in various disciplines. Guidelines and tips for preparing the flipped classes will be discussed.

In the Cloud – MS Sky Drive etc.

A cloud-computing service provides free or low-cost user data and document storage, sharing, processing, or display, on a remote server reached through a web browser. Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Apps, Prezi, and Slideshare are the services available. These services have been proved to increase efficiency, collaboration and engagement in classroom. The pedagogically meaningful ways to use these services and its instructional implications will be discussed. In addition, policy issue on using cloud computing will be discussed.

iPad and Mobile Learning

With smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices becoming more and more ubiquitous, educators can either fight the tide or ride the waves. In this workshop, we will explore some of the ways in which devices that have often been thought of as distractions in a traditional classroom can instead be used to enhance the learning experience for students and faculty, alike. Prior experience with mobile devices is not needed for this workshop; just an interest in learning more about the topic.

Effective Use of Social Media

Rapid growth, ease of use, and pervasiveness of social media technologies such as YouTube, Facebook, Wiki, Blogs and Twitter, have been proved to facilitate social interaction, community building, participation, and sharing between faculty and students. As faculty look for ways to engage and motivate students with social media technologies, new approach to teaching and learning that blends pedagogy and technology needs to be examined. In this Common Hour Roundtable, the participants will be given a short presentation followed by open discussion on 1) the use of social media by students and faculty; 2) the use of social media for both face-to-face and online formats; and 3) the pros and cons of using social media.



Library 120k: Monday - Thursday 9a to 5p, Friday 9a to 4p

Technology solutions for teaching & research

  • Learning productivity applications
  • Discovering online resources
  • Blackboard mechanics
  • Online pedagogy
  • Integrating technology with teaching and learning

Developing coursework, Instructional design Trained professionals will help you design coursework from lesson plans through planning an entire course in a relaxing, collaborative atmosphere.

Faculty Technology Curriculum (FTC) Workshops The Faculty Technology Curriculum is a series of workshops designed to introduce you to various multimedia applications and pedagogical methods using technology. Faculty Technology Curricultum

One-on-one training for faculty Contact department administrator Denise Giummarra -- <a href="mailto:giummarrad@wpunj.edu">giummarrad@wpunj.edu</a> or (973) 720-2659 -- to make an appointment.



The following is a list of services and technologies provided by the Instructional Technology program and the Center for Teaching and Learning Technology.

Instructional Design Mentorship: One-on-one partnerships to design, develop, deliver, and evaluate a course to make the best use of technology. The instructional designer is poised to ask and answer questions, explore strategies, and support departments in performing multiple instructional design tasks. The instructional design mentorship provides a function of proven research-based methodologies, course templates, and technology tools that focus on learning activities and desired performance results.

New Faculty Orientation: Modular online tutorials designed in collaboration with various departments across campus such as Email, Banner, Blackboard, and Media Services. All new tenure track faculty will be assigned to one of the team so they know they have one person to approach, but the majority of the content is online.

Pedagogy Seminar: Giving faculty the opportunity to think creatively and searchingly about theories and ideas that contribute to the quality of teaching by providing a variety of instructional activities and initiatives.

Common Hour Roundtable: Discussing the projects in which faculty members are involved and show off the results of their projects, sharing the various faculty members highlighted in the IT News, and featuring emerging technologies and new services.



Robert Alan Harris Assistant Director (973) 720-2451 • <a href="mailto:HarrisR@wpunj.edu">HarrisR@wpunj.edu</a> Cheng Library 120h

Jaehyun Kim Senior. Instructional Designer/Technologist (973) 720-2937 • <a href="mailto:KimJ@wpunj.edu">KimJ@wpunj.edu</a> Cheng Library 120i

Housen Maratouk Instructional Technologist (973) 720-2220 • <a href="mailto:MaratoukH@wpunj.edu">MaratoukH@wpunj.edu</a> Cheng Library 120j

Administrative Offices and Mailing Address

Center for Teaching and Learning Technology Cheng Library

300 Pompton Rd. Atrium 113 Wayne, NJ 07470 Fax: (973) 720-3535 Email: <a href="mailto:giummarrad@wpunj.edu">giummarrad@wpunj.edu</a>

Center for Teaching & Learning with Technology

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