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<td width="25%">[[media:BBC_TUTEE_orientation.pdf|Overview of major features]]</td>
<td width="25%">[[media:BBC_TUTEE_orientation.pdf|Overview of major features]]</td>
<td width="25%">[[media:BBC_TUTEE_orientation.pdf|Getting started with Collaborate video]]</td>
<td width="25%">[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEt_qzp4Ke8 Getting started with Collaborate video]</td>

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Application sharing

Share a single application, multiple applications, or your entire desktop with your students. Grant control to one or more students, allowing them to interact with the application. You can also use application sharing for one-on-one coaching or remote technical support for students and faculty.

Powerful Moderator Tools

See all your students in the Participant window along with activity indicators that show who's entering a chat message or content on the whiteboard. You'll know immediately if any students are lagging behind. So you can slow your pace to allow those on a slower Internet connection to catch up. Plus, your students can use emoticons to indicate approval or confusion, raise their hand if they have a question, show they have stepped away, or respond to polling questions.

Interactive Whiteboard

The staple of all classroom instruction is the whiteboard, where you can display PowerPoint or OpenOffice presentation slides. With the drag-and-drop screen explorer, you can easily and quickly rearrange the order of your slides. And with the ability to have multiple, simultaneous presenters, you'll have highly engaging discussions where everyone can contribute.
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Participants Panel Audio & Video Panel Audio Setup Wizard Using Chat
Loading a PowerPoint Using the Whiteboard Using the Polling Wizard Using Application Sharing
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With Collaborate Publish you can convert your Blackboard Collaborate web conferencing session recordings to high-definition video podcasts that capture whiteboard content, shared applications, chat transcripts and all audio. Features include on-demand access and closed captioning.

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Overview of major features Getting started with Collaborate video

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