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For information or appointments contact the CTLT:
Email: ctlt@list.wpunj.edu
Phone: (973) 720-2659 or -2451
URL: http://www.wpunj.edu/ctlt/
Location: Cheng Library 120e, h, i, j, k


Faculty Development Workshops, Spring 2015

Active Classroom
An active learning classroom offers a student-centered, technology-rich, learning environment. At a glance the active learning classroom is very different from a regular one: The room design, flexible furniture, writing surfaces, and technology, support faculty in engaging with their students through the integrated use of media and collaborative learning activities. In the semester long cohort sessions, participants will have an opportunity to discuss the followings: Why a faculty member chooses to teach in this environment? What are the benefits of using this learning environment? With this changed learning environment, what classroom teaching strategies you can use? Additionally, some ways you can incorporate the active learning strategies that can be used in your regular classroom will be discussed.

Flipped Classroom
In the flipped classroom, instruction with teacher-created videos and interactive lessons that used to occur in class is now accessed at home, in advance of class. Class becomes the place to work through problems, advance concepts, and engage in collaborative learning. In the semester long cohort sessions, participants will explore the pros and cons, and strategies on using flipped Classes method in various disciplines. Guidelines and tips for preparing the flipped classes will be discussed.

Creating Effective Presentations
Presentations offered in the online or blended environments can be either deadly boring or incise and impactful. In this workshop we’ll discuss both the techniques and the tools to help you create and present creative, memorable presentations.

Academic Integrity
An open discussion academic integrity in both online blended courses and will explore strategies to curtail cheating. At William Paterson plagiarism is described, in part, as “the copying from a book, article, notebook, video, or other source material, whether published or unpublished, without proper credit through the use of quotation marks, footnotes, and other customary means of identifying sources, or passing off as one’s own the ideas, words, writings, programs, and experiments of another, whether or not such actions are intentional or unintentional.” These processes can be both easier and more subtly accomplished online, and this workshop will cover various strategies to keep students learning rather than copying!

Online/Blended Course Design Principles
By reviewing a course design model, the participants will get a big picture of a process of making a complete course design.

Syllabus Design Principles
Learn how to create a syllabus that highlights your teaching style and learning objectives. An online or blended syllabus needs to be very detailed, and in this workshop we’ll cover what items need to be included and suggest means of presentation.


Pedagogy Institutes

The Center for Teaching/Learning with Technology hosts institutes in the day-long and multiple day face-to-face settings as well as several multiple-week online offerings.

Pedagogy: Delivery Blended Learning Boot Camp - Demonstrating best practices in teaching courses taught online and in person, this one-week institute meets in person on Monday and Friday and online Tuesday-Thursday. Online Pedagogy - A two-week online workshop designed to provide online pedagogy and educational strategies for those who will be teaching online for the first time.

Design: Quality Matters - Overview of QM Rubrics for applying quality standards to course design through professional development workshops and certification courses for instructors and online learning professionals

Blackboard: Institute - A two-day workshop designed to introduce faculty to the key features of the Blackboard learning management system. Refresher - This one-day workshop will cover 3-4 advanced Blackboard topics determined by a vote of the attendees.

Blended Learning Boot Camp January 05 - January 09
Quality Matters (APPQMR) February 20
Quality Matters (APPQMR) March 6
Blended Learning Boot Camp May 11 - May 15
Online Quality Matters (APPQMR) May 21 - June 3
Online Pedagogy July 06 - July 24
Blackboard Institute August 11-12
Blackboard Refresher September 25

Register Call or email Denise Giummarra:
Ph: 973.720.2659
Email: giummarrad@wpunj.edu

APPQMR registrants also need to click here to register with Quality Matters


Bb Innovative Teaching Series (BITS)

The Blackboard Innovative Teaching Series (BITS) is a training initiative to augment WPUNJ documentation. Harnessing our community of Blackboard users, BITS shares the top strategies and pedagogy for both increasing educator efficiency and improving learning outcomes. BITS is free to Blackboard's clients. The program consists of weekly faculty training webinars that are taught by faculty and supported by Blackboard experts. To join a live session, please visit: www.blackboard.com/bits.

The listing below features the title of the presentation followed by the duration expressed in minutes:seconds. A few sessions top the hour mark. It helps to think of these presentations as you would conference sessions: a session that sounds great might be disappointing while others exceed expectations.


Best Practices For Setting Up Your Bb Learn Course 46:34
Best Practices In Creating A Welcoming Course Environment 52:54
Accessibility Matters 57:09
Accessibility Matters - Part Two 45:31
BITS - Office Hours (Course Creation) 59:32
The Flipped Classroom In Blackboard 47:54
Organizing Your Content in Bb Learn 52:21
Organizing Your Course in Bb Learn 33:16
Using :Digital Textbook Content in Higher Education 51:36
Free and Cheap Multimedia Tools for Educators 50:18


Best Practices for Grading in Blackboard 1:05:09
Authenitic Assessment - How do you know they really know? 52:45
Best Practices for Using Rubrics in Blackboard 49:58
More About Rubrics 55:50
Creating Tests, Pools and Surveys in Bb Learn 1:01:11
Strategies for Providing Effective Feedback to Students Online 47:41
What You Need to Know About the Grade Center 58:51
Writing Objectives and Goals 39:39


Best Practices for Communicating With Your Higher Ed. Students 57:16
Collaborative Strategies in Blended and Online Courses 52:53
Beginnings, Middles and Ends: Motivating and Engaging your Online Students 56:48
BITS Office Hours (Collaboration) 44:43
Blackboard and the Online Collaborative Experience 42:59
How to Engage Students from the Start 58:25
The Ins and Outs of Writing Effective Discussion Board Questions 1:00:26
Maximize Collaborate for your Virtuial Classroom 46:40
Maximize Engagement and Extend the Learning Experience in Bb w/ Social Learning 58:38
Using Bloom's Taxonomy to Maximize Student Engagement 1:04:24


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