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Student Bb Bulletin

Student Bb Brief

Student Frequently Asked Questions

Standard Practices

  1. Students are added to course shells the day before the semester begins.

  2. Students will only see courses that have been activated by the instructor.

  3. Not all instructors use Bb and you are not likely to see all your courses.

  4. If you are a continuing student you are likely to see your courses from the previous semester. Instructors can deactivate a course when it is over, and you will not see deactivated courses.

  5. Please refer questions regarding course content (where is the test?) to your instructor, but questions involving use of Blackboard (how do I reply to a discussion board post?) should be directed to the Online Help Desk:

All questions are welcome -- don't be shy!


Getting Started

Student Bb Bulletin Getting Started Where are my courses?
Bb Co. Support Hiding old course shells Change Language
Bb Student Mobile App Everyone should use the Chrome web browser with Bb: Download Chrome



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