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What is the best way to log into Blackboard (Bb)?

Point your browser to Bb Home:

Enter your username and password.

Enter just the username, not your full email address

If you can't remember your password file a ticket with the WPUNJ IT Help Desk:

What are my username and password?

Your username is your lastname followed by your first initial and, often, a number. The number is added when the system contains more than one person with your last name and first initial.

Username/password lookup

Use the same password you employ for WPConnect and email. If you can't remember your password file a ticket with the WPUNJ IT Help Desk

Why don't I see all my courses listed?

Students should not expect to see all of their courses listed in Blackboard. Only those courses which are been activated are visible to students, and course shells are activated at the discretion of the instructor. A teacher who is not using Blackboard will not activate the course and it will not be visible to students. If your instructor has not specifically directed you to use Blackboard it is likely that s/he is not taking advantage of the tool and the course shell will not be visible.

A student who thinks s/he should see a particular Bb shell (totally online courses, for example) should file a ticket with the online help desk and include the department, course number and section, e.g. bio1010-61. WPUNJ IT Help Desk

How can I hide courses from the previous semester?

Course shells from the immediate past semester are kept active well into the ensuing semester for the convenience of students who need to finish incompletes.

Click here for illustrated instructions on how to hide shells from previous semesters.

How can I see courses from previous semesters?

Write the instructor who taught the class and ask him/her to re-activate it for you. Instructors who have forgotten the process can submit a ticket with the online help desk.

Why can't I log into Blackboard on campus using Wi-Fi?

There might be a number of reasons, but the most common is that students sometimes access the network with Guest status rather than Student. Guests can't access a number of services, including Bb, so check your connection and switch to Student if you're logged in as a guest.

Can I use Blackboard with my Macintosh computer?

Blackboard works well with Macintosh computers -- it is administered using a Mac! Something to watch out for the is the browser; Safari, the default Mac browser, is not Blackboard compatible. Students and instructors can opt for one of the free alternatives:
Google Chrome [ Mozilla Firefox]

Which web browsers work best with Blackboard?


Can I access Blackboard using my tablet and/or mobile device?

The quick answer is Yes. See this site for more information:
[ Blackboard Student App

What should I do if I can't find specific content in the course shell?

Students looking for a specific assignment, exam, presentation, etc. should write the instructors. The Blackboard support team doesn't know where the instructor put the content either!

What should I do if I've been locked out of a test?

Students who have been locked out of a test need to contact the instructor, who can unlock it if s/he chooses. The Blackboard support staff is not in a position to make course-level decisions, for example, to unlock a course or not. Instructors who have forgotten the process can submit a ticket with the online help desk.

To avoid being locked out of a test it may help to consult the Test-taking precautions document.

This and other helpful documents can be found in the Student Support tab within the Blackboard interface as well as in the WPUNJ IT Wiki

How do I change my language settings in Blackboard?

Point your browser to WPUNJ Bb Home and before logging in left-click the globe-like icon in the upper left corner of the page. Select the language you need.

Clik here to access illustrated instructions of the process.

How do I suggest questions/answers for inclusion in this FAQ?

Please file a ticket with the online help desk with the title "Bb Student FAQ" and the text of the suggestion. We appreciate your help! WPUNj IT Help Desk

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